About Novosys Health

Who We Are

Our consulting team has more than ten years of hands-on pharmaceutical industry experience with Clinical Research and Health Economics and Outcomes Research, statistical data analytics, Population Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacokinetic-Pharmacodynamic modelling and medical communication. We possess expertise in measuring real-world outcomes, quantifying economic burden and benefits, analyzing clinical trial data, and generating evidence that demonstrates the full value of pharmaceutical and medical products. We have extensive experience and expertise in pharmaceutical industry for pharmacodynamic analysis datasets assembly, pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic data dataflow procedures (e.g. data collection, transfer and merging etc.) and regulatory required documents assistance, in support of Population Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacokinetic-Pharmacodynamic modelling. In addition, we have a strong record of effectively communicating evidence to customers via direct communication, scientific publications, medical and clinical education channels, the general media (e.g. Wall Street Journal article), and online media (e.g. iPad apps). Our findings have played an important role in the decision-making process of hospitals, health plans, physicians, policy makers, and other healthcare decision makers.

What We Do

We work with healthcare industries to provide and communicate evidence that helps to demonstrate product value, gain market access and support regulatory processes. We design and execute studies for a broad range of clinical trial analytic, Pharmacokinetic-Pharmacodynamic modelling and health economics and outcomes research topics, such as retrospective database analysis, systematic review, meta-analysis, disease burden evaluation, health economic modeling, cost-effectiveness analysis, comparative effectiveness analysis, clinical trial data analytics, pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic data dataflow process, data preparation and modelling, medical communication and medical writing. We help formulate and implement strategies and tactics to gain optimal medical positioning and market access for clinical products throughout a wide range of development phases, from product launch to post-marketing and life-cycle management. Furthermore, we collaborate with healthcare stakeholders to design and measure the outcomes of quality improvement programs, disease management programs, and clinical education programs with scientific robustness. We also provide full service support for effective scientific publication planning, execution and management, including medical writing of abstracts, posters, manuscripts, study protocols and study reports.