Health Economics and Outcomes Research

Novosys Health provides premier quality research in health economics and outcomes research and clinical trial analytics that helps quantify and demonstrate the full value of pharmaceutical and other medical products. We help to use real-world and trial data to illustrate the clinical and economic benefits and values of healthcare products to payers, clinical providers, patients and policy makers. Our team possesses expertise in a broad range of real-world health economics and outcomes research topics, including retrospective database analysis, disease burden evaluation, health economic modeling, cost-effective analysis and comparative effectiveness reviews in numerous therapeutic areas.

Retrospective database analysis

Clinical trials demonstrate the efficacy and safety of interventions in a controlled environment where patients are closely monitored. Real-world treatment outcomes may not reflect those of a clinical trial since variables such as patient characteristics and compliance can't be controlled. Healthcare databases provide a wealth of information that can be used to assess the efficacy and safety of treatment interventions in the real-world setting. Novosys Health has extensive expertise with numerous administrative databases and our team members can effectively design and execute your study, delivering high quality research in a timely manner.


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Meta-analysis and systematic review

Novosys Health's team members have advanced graduate degrees and research skills that allow them to successfully synthesize high quality research evidence and perform systematic reviews and meta-analyses. We also perform systematic literature reviews to generate further evidence to raise either disease or product awareness.

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Mixed treatment comparison

Mixed treatment comparisons, also known as indirect treatment comparisons and network or multiple-treatments meta-analyses, allow for the comparison of treatment interventions where little or no evidence is available from head to head randomized clinical trials. Our team members have experience with this recent advance in meta-analysis methodology, from the collection of all available evidence to performing the analysis.

Health economic modeling and cost-effective analysis

With rising healthcare costs the need to identify the treatment interventions that provide the greatest benefit for the least cost has become critical as decision-makers allocate the resources of shrinking budgets. As a result, cost-effectiveness analyses and health economic modeling have become essential methods of assessing the costs and health benefits of an intervention. Novosys Health has performed cost-effectiveness analyses and developed economic models for treatment interventions in a wide range of therapeutic areas. From design to execution, our team members will deliver top-quality research and excellent service.

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Economic model interfaces and apps

When assessing the economic impact of a treatment or intervention, the ability to dynamically visualize the effect of changing various model parameters is of great benefit. The prevalence of smartphones and tablets in business allows for the use of interfaces and apps to access data and present the results of economic models. Novosys Health creates model interfaces and web-enabled apps that allow the user to customize and report diverse types of data.

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