Medical Communication

Research and Analytics  + Communication = Success

Research and analytics process data to reveal the results of a study.

The next step is to communicate these findings to the world.

Publication planning and internal review process support

In order to achieve a successful new product launch with optimal market access, key clinical and product messages must reach the appropriate target audiences at the right time. Strategic publication planning maximizes a product's visibility throughout its lifecycle. From the initial clinical trial phases to post-marketing research and surveillance, Novosys Health will develop a proactive, long-term plan to deliver superior client-focused solutions to the appropriate audience, using comprehensive market assessments to enable effective tactical planning and timely execution of the publication plan.


Before being released for consumption, publications must pass through internal reviews to ensure the validity, accuracy, and clarity of the content as well as to ensure that they meet legal and professional standards. With our team's considerable first-hand experience with pharmaceutical company review and approval procedures, we enable a smooth and successful internal review process. Furthermore, Novosys Health team members have extensive experience with journal and peer-reviews of manuscripts that will help expedite the process for earlier acceptance and publication.

Medical writing

Our team includes experienced medical writers with extensive expertise in writing scientific publications, particularly those related to health economics, outcomes research, and market access. Our work has won clinical research awards and led to many peer-reviewed scientific and medical journal articles and presentations at numerous scientific and medical conferences. With advanced graduate level degrees in various fields, our medical writers have scientific expertise covering a broad spectrum of medical conditions in all major therapeutic areas. Using their scientific expertise to skillfully communicate study results to a wide audience, Novosys Health medical writers provide a wide range of products from slide presentations and performance dashboards for company executives to scientific meeting posters and primary research articles for peer-reviewed journals. We adhere to Good Publication Practice guidelines to ensure ethical and responsible dissemination of clinical research data.

Types of Publications:

Preparation of slides/documents for pharmaceutical field team usage

In addition to materials for public consumption, Novosys Health also prepares slides and other documents for pharmaceutical field team presentations. We work closely with our clients to prepare various materials for internal medical, legal, and regulatory review, whether for publication or to be used as tools by pharmaceutical field teams. These include slides, tools, models, Q&A documents, training materials, etc. for interval review/approval processes Our team members prepare review materials, provide reference annotations, attend approval review processes, and provide whatever revisions are necessary to ensure final approval.

Online apps

With the increased use of smartphones and tablets in business, the ability to access your data through mobile devices or across different platforms is essential. Novosys Health can provide its clients with web-enabled apps that can report diverse types of data from study results to performance metrics in an intuitive interface that allows the user to customize the information presented.